NE Mass. road condition-related scanning in UHF/VHF?

Dec 5, 2013
I'm driving to Logan on Sunday morning, planning to park there until the return flight Tuesday and then drive back to Maine. I was going to just pull my radio gear out of my truck beforehand so as to not leave it sitting in the lot with antennae and potential theft targets, but with the current weather forecast, I'm starting to think I might want the ability to get road info and that hiding the antennae in the cab and concealing the radio gear might be a better bet.

Around here, I do that by scanning the local law-enforcement and EMS channels, as crash reports tend to provide real-time conditions information (not to mention potential road blockages). Looking at Massachusetts stuff in the DB, I don't see anything that looks particularly promising unless I were to program in a bunch of local frequencies, as the state police look to be digital and the MDOT frequencies are out of range for my gear.

With that said, if I'm missing anything that might be useful, I'd appreciate the pointers so I can get the frequencies programmed in on Saturday.


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Jun 13, 2002
Eastern MA
State Police are not digital in eastern MA. If you can trunk track 800mhz analog, you can get them and some Boston area DOT talk groups.

Also Waze is good for traffic conditions, provided you have a smart phone.