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Neal Morse

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Jan 18, 2014
Ontario, Canada
I love old style metal, and progressive metal (Deliverance's 'River Disturbance'), but I also love Neal Morse's music. When prog gets a little funky or jazzy, okay, I do tune out a little bit, but it always comes back on track with some great hard rock or melodic rock, or a great piano or guitar solo. Metal is kind of 'for kids', or for the 'kid' in me, but prog is more 'adult' music. Like Dream Theater. Van Halen is for guys who haven't grown up yet. When you grow up, you'll listen to Dream Theater and Neal Morse.

Here is Mike Portnoy, from Dream Theater, discussing Neal Morse.

And here is Momentum, by Neal Morse, featuring Portnoy on drums. And Portnoy performing Kayla, by Neal.

I'm in Neal's Inner Circle, so I get a disc - CD or DVD - every month.
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