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Need Freqs for TARENTUM Area (Scanner Info)

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Sep 24, 2005
Germantown, MD
Hey Folks,
Here is the deal. Im helping a good friend get some radios setup for emergency situations in the area surrounding the Borough of Tarentum, PA in Allegheny County. Im in Maryland so I don't know anything about his area. He basically is very radio illiterate and is no help. So he if he can ship toi me the Baofeng HTs and says "Can you program these for me I give up?" Being the Amateur Radio nice guy that I am "Sure send them on down!". Foiled again LOL.

Going to the RR Database is just way over my head as I don't know the area. So my request is fairly simple. I am looking for someone in this area that can give me a good list of the more "Popular" Frequencies in that area. Nothing that would be trunked or digitally encrypted as we are using simple VHF/UHF Baofeng HTs But if he can hear some Fire/Police/ EMS or maybe some Public Utilities that would be great. Anything that can help him out in an emergency.He also likes to Hunt and Fish so DNR or Puclic Lands would be great as well, if possible. I will be transmit inhibiting all the Freqs that need to be so do not worry about issues along those lines.

I appreciate any and all help you all can give me.
I thank you in advance.
Dec 19, 2002
Pittsburgh, PA
Allegheny County AK Valley Frequencies

Tarentum Police is North Police 12 460.2875 D023
Tarentum Fire: 460.1625 D025

East Deer, Frazer, Fawn, Harrison, Tarentum, Brackenridge are on those channels.
Those two channels should do most of it.

This site is better:
PGHScanner - Home Page

Jim in PGH
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