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Neil Armstrong, RIP

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Jul 13, 2004
Burlington County, NJ
The first man to walk on the surface of the moon died midday today. Cause were complications from heart surgery. He was 82. The world was transfixed as the grainy black-and-white images showed "one small step..." I still remember those days -- coverage by Chronkite -- and still have the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer, encased in plastic. Those were fascinating times, thanks to JFK and NASA. RIP Astronaut Niel Armstrong.
Sep 14, 2006
Dallas Texas
Neil Armstrong died at age 82 1 week after cardiac surgury.

R.I.P. Mr Armstrong I watched you as you climbed down off the ladder and uttered the immortal word "That's one small step for man...............One giant leap for mankind."
Sep 20, 2008
In the 'patch
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Rest in Peace Mr Armstrong. Truly an inspiration to all.


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Jan 1, 2005
San Antonio, Texas
So Mr APX7500X2, so are you saying the mQQn landings were faked ?
Hmm, I would think the Russian's would have called us on the carpet
big time if we tried to pull a fast one and faked all 6 landings right ?
Also, was that Michael Stipe the pest that Buzz Aldrin punched out years ago
because he kept getting up in Buzz's face saying he knew NASA faked it all ?
These folks also say that the real reason that the Apollo missions 18,19 & 20
were canceled is because after Apollo 17 the Soviets finally had developed in 1972
new space looking radar systems that could track things in space and the USA
didn't want to get caught faking it, rather than the stated reasons of massive
budget cuts, looming Vietnam war costs and the lack of political will, etc.
I guess that old Capricorn One movie with OJ was real after all ... kidding :)
Finally, now that both the JAXA orbiter and the new NASA LRO orbiter have high-res
detailed photos showing the Apollo 11 and other Apollo descent stages,
lunar rovers and other science equip left on the surface that won't convince some either !
During Apollo 11 my family was stationed over in Germany and I got to see it on a B&W TV !

Back in 1974, my retired 2 star general grandfather for my 10th birthday gave me something very special ....
It was a framed and autographed picture of Neil Armstrong with a kind and simple message to me :)
You can bet I still have it hanging up on my wall. A few months ago I was very fortunate to get to fly up
to Wash DC and take the time to explore both the Smithsonian Museums in DC and over at Dulles,VA.
The Shuttle Discovery was way cool as were both the X-15 and SR-71 which Neil got to fly in his career.
I hope heros like Neil Armstrong and many others will always serve to inspire future generations to grow
up to dream big and reach for the stars and I know that Neil wanted to see a MARS mission in his lifetime!
I know the crew of Apollo 11 had encouraged each other to live long enough to celebrate the 50th anniversary,
however, sadly it was not to be. Now sir, as you rocket to the heavens on your final flight ~ enjoy it & RIP !!!
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