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New Brunswick Police Codes

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Dec 20, 2007
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I searched this forum and was able to locate some radio codes for New Brunswick Police Department but they seem to be outdated. Does anyone have an updated code list for New Brunswick Police Department? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 20, 2007
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This is what I found and no good


01 Emg standby
02 Holdup & robbery
03 Murder
04 Aggravated assault & battery
05 Breaking & entering & larceny
06 Escape
07 Drunk & disorderly
08 Domestic
09 Prowler/suspicious person
10 Burglar/bank alarm
11 MVA, no injuries
12 MVA, injuries or hit & run
13 Motorist assistance
14 Drunk driver (39.4-50)
15 MV lookup
16 NCIC/SCIS lookup
17 Suspicious MV check
18 Stolen vehicle
19 Animal incident
20 Fire/fire alarm
21 Pick up
22 Out of service
23 In service
24 Shooting code
25 Larceny
26 Meet patrol
27 Officer needs help
28 Location
29 Telephone/call
30 Return to station
31 Emg at station
32 Escort
33 Attempt to locate
34 Bomb threat
35 Vandalism
36 Shoplifter
37 Prisoner transport
38 Lunch
39 MV stop
40 Resume patrol
48 Message acknowledged


Code 1 Use audible and visual warning devices
Code 2 Handle emg conditions
Code 3 Handle normal conditions
Code 4 No additional services required

Disposition Codes

Alpha Unfounded
Bravo Unable to locate
Charlie Minor incident report
Delta Wanted persons/vehicle
Echo Transported to hospital
Foxtrot Traffic violation/summons issued
Golf Report made
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