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New Cape Cod Police intercity

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Dec 15, 2009
New Bedford,Ma
On zone 4 on Msp system I've been getting 38800 for Cape Police Intercity Network. The weekly tests are usually Saturday at 900am. The Plymouth county Sheriff, State police Bourne and Yarmouth and Middleboro are also on the roll call. I even heard Dukes county sheriff and Nantucket Police on this talkgroup. Not sure if anybody else has heard this talkgroup. but figured I'd share. I hear this talkgroup quite often for BOLOs Road closures on RTE 6 and also chases every once in awhile. I also hear towns calling MSP for assitance for req for K9s and air wing every so often. This is a good talk group to have in you scanner if your in the area. The official name for this talkgroup is Barnstable County Police Network.
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