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Eton New Eton Receiver - like the E1?


Wiki Admin Emeritus
Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Thanks to a notice on WoR, the latest SWL Post has news of a new Eton portatop (is it?) similar in form, at least, to the E1 and the E1XM. Still no carrying handle, though (stupid exclusion, in my book)...

Wow! Check out the new Eton Elite Satellit!

The reports suggest that the sticky mess on the radio and several other faults have been corrected. Beyond that, and the fact that the E1 series had some serious quality control faults - well, I guess we'll see. The target release date is late summer this year. Unlike it's predecessor, I kinda doubt RL Drake will be involved in this radio.

Those that still have operational E1s have all been very high on its performance. I guess we'll see....Mike