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New LCSAR Truck

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Dec 11, 2002
Rescue Truck Press Release 8/8/06

Larimer County SAR, Inc. Unveils New Light Rescue Truck

Larimer County Search and Rescue, Inc., a Northern Colorado non-profit search and rescue team, have recently put their new light rescue vehicle into service. It is a 2006 Ford F550 turbo-diesel cab and chassis with a re-useable light-rescue box designed, built and installed by Super-Vac of Loveland Colorado.

This new truck replaces a 1987 utility vehicle that was paid for largely by a donation from Anheuser Busch and cost approximately $30,000. The new truck, specifically designed for the search and rescue mission loads and terrain of Colorado, cost $155,000. Larimer Truck 10, the designation for this primary search and rescue vehicle, is being paid for entirely by donations from local and national foundations, local residents and businesses, from team members and their families and friends, and from visitors to our beautiful county. An extensive 18-month long fund raising effort has been going on with excellent results.

While we are just slightly short of the entire amount, by about $15K, we could not afford to wait and watch the price of the vehicle continue to rise. We are confident that we will soon be able to find the remainder of what we owe through the continued generosity of other local and regional donors.

Again we are deeply grateful to the following donors who have helped us get this far.
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Nov 14, 2004
Evergreen, CO

The F-550 truck is a workhorse, it's what I use to carry a 1,000 gallons of water. I'm very impressed with the power, driveline, and comfort. The only frustration is the "cupping" wear on the front tires after about 10,000 miles, I went to a highway drive tire for the front end this summer, no wear problems so far. Not suitable, however, for a rescue vehicle. Nice photo Jim...Dave
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