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New Member - Cannot Contact the Feed Broadcaster

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Sep 8, 2011
I am a long time listener, and recently created a user account, and I am considering supporting the site with a paid subscription when I have the extra money.
Let me start by saying what a great service this site provides, especially in an emergency situation like we are in this week. Everyone on Facebook I provided the link to also thinks this is an invaluable resource to know whats going on around you. So congratulations to Radioreference.com for providing us with this service.

I wanted to contact my local feed broadcaster so that I could learn a little bit about his broadcasting setup and maybe get some pointers so that I could myself provide a feed in the future.
When I try to contact the broadcaster the site tells me I do not have permission.
Do I need to be a paid member to contact a broadcaster, or is there a time limit on the account before I can use this feature?

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.