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New Search Idea -- Search only within "My Counties" list

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Database Admin
Dec 19, 2002
Hagerstown, MD
Here's a new idea I just thought of. I like how the current database search feature allows you to select multiple states with a given freq/tone combination. I would like to see a new search feature to be implemented in both the Identified Users search and also in the FCC License search. It would poll only the list of counties in your My Counties list and search for results. For example, where I live in Maryland, the surrounding counties are in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. When I do a search, I have to search all four states and look for specific counties. But I have all of those counties in the list of "My Counties" (myRR). It would be really neat if there was a search box that accept the freq and tone combination and search both Identified and FCC licenses within those counties to provide results. On a side note, it would be cool if there was a Tone-Only search as well, since that sometimes helps in determining who a user is, but that would be supplementary. This kind of search feature would be a great asset to identifying radio users and, in turn, improving the RR database as a whole.

What do you think?
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