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New Southern Sites coming online

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Feb 22, 2006
Price, Utah
New Sites Specifically in Kane County coming online as Per the UCAN Engineers, Point Of Rocks AZ, Spencer's Bench and Vermillian , Others to come online Clear Creek Mountain near Kane County as well As Hurricane Mesa, Jacobs Lake Has been Delayed, Teasdale Maybe online and Mt Dutton may come online soon. I Believe that Barney Top May Also be online, these all need checked out, I don't Drive and am limited in getting around to these and all other places, as opportunities come I may get to check some of these sites out in time, but until then we need help to get this info in the DB with site info. Some others may come online in the next year or so, Horn Mountain, Green River Utah Site as per Licenses, Mt Edna in Piute County, Wilson Peak, Blowhard BLM site, Webb Hill, Big Mountain, Little Creek, Beaver West, and Beaver Dam.

These mostly are from the License info for the UCAN Sites that have been granted or stuff mentioned from the UCAN engineers

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