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new to forum and need a little help

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Jul 17, 2006
Hello Everyone.

I will be the first to admit i do not know to much about scanners and freq. yet.

I have been reading up on it alot recently and this is my dilema.

I want a scanner which i can put in my car that will pick up all the trunked police and fire in howard county. but i also want to be able to pick up pg. county fire department too.
they currently are running in the i believe 490-530.

any suggestions on what to look at.

until then. i will continue to read up and understand this stuff better.



Jan 30, 2005
Simpsonville, SC
Only $1000.... That would'nt even cover the down payment on what I'd LIKE to have... How about an AOR AR-ONE with a NIL-JON SUPER M on a 50ft. tower! I figure about $5000. + a permission slip from the FBI should do it! lol
Well, I can dream can't I?
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