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New to forum. Questions re: scanner selection

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Dec 7, 2011
Lakeside Ontario

I have owned a Uniden BCT-7 for approx 8-10 years now that I used to use while driving tractor trailers across Canada and the USA. I still use it today in my house to monitor my fire departments transmissions (Oxford county 154.1000) as it has better reception than my pager (motorola minitor 4)

I have finaly started to fabricate a Havis style console for my 2005 dodge ram as Havis, jotto desk, or ram box fail to produce a vehicle specific model for this truck. (mine will be more functional anyways) I have had it in mind to mount my bearcat in this console along with my CB and other controls. Again having the scanner to pick up on my pager frequency where the pager is weak.


Wouldn't it be cool to be able to listen to other angencies that also respond to our calls such as the Perth and Oxford county OPP, along with the Perth and Oxford EMS. This could be of assistance with incident locations and ETA's while on route to the fire call. or also provide a heads up that my pager may be about to tone out.

I am now assuming that to do this I will have to upgrade to digital? Are the ems also digital (I think dispatched from 911 London) If so what vehicle mounted unit would I require? Uniden 996 i think is the model I have seen pop up in serches.

any info or suggestions would be valuable. If I have failed to mention critical info, please ask. I will try to provide pictures of the console when finished.

Thanks in advance.


Database Admin
Dec 19, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Ems on Fleetnet is still analog, however OPP, MTO Enforcement and MNR are all P25 digital. For a mobile setup you would want to take a look at the 996 or 996XT from Uniden, or perhaps even the Home Patrol HP-1. It's not a mobile scanner per say but certainly can be used as one. Also look into the Radio Shack Pro-107. It can often be had much cheaper than a 996 and it's performance is excellent.
Mar 3, 2007
sarnia ont
even the radio shack pro 197 is on sale at scanner master right now for 299.99 reg 399.99 and they ship to canada i think
and it would pick up all fleetnet users
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