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New to this Pro 433

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May 17, 2008
I just bought a pro433 today and It is not picking anything more up than my other non trunking scanner does. Will someone look at this page for me and tell me if Lafayette is on a trunked system and is there any talk groups?

I would like to hear what is being said in the ambulance. I am a first responder and would like to be able to hear this.


Thank you in advance.


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Dec 19, 2002
First, you should post this in your state forum since someone there knows a lot more about the Lafayette radio system than I do. It looks like Layfaette has both coventional and trunked systems, with the users overlapping between the two. You need to find someone local who can tell you if the trunk system is really in use. It may be set up but not used by all the listed talkgroups.

If you're wanting to hear ambulance to hospital communication, I don't see any frequencies listed for that exclusively. There are EMS dispatch frequencies but those are usually not used for patient information back to the hospital. If Lafayette is like the rest of the US, paranoia since HIPAA came into being means most such traffic is by cell phone or Nextel. Since you're a first responder, why don't you just ask the paramedics what they use to talk to the hospitals?
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