New user here and unfamiliar with the new technology

Jun 13, 2018
Just purchased a used RS 668 digital iscan from a retired police officer. As I am unfamiliar with all the new technology, the retired officer has upgraded this unit to the latest available upgrades such as whistler 1080 and dmr. I have no clue what all this means. It came with upgraded belt clip,fairly nice leather case with two antennas. I have programmed our zip in it and currently receiving most of what I want and a lot of what I don't want. I'm located in Tangipahoa parish Louisiana and would like to only program my local sherriffs office,neighboring sheriffs office,state police,and some smaller municipal police departments as well as some local fire department's within my desired area without listing to unwanted traffic. Reception is clear and clean on this unit but any pointers to further my educational values on this unit would be appreciated.
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