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New Users on 753F

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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Hi all,

As I've been running Unitrunker for a week or two solid, 24/7, on Calgary's Smartzone radio system, I've found at least one group of new users.

Operating in P25 digital clear, it seems the provincial courts are now joining Calgary Fire, Calgary EMS, Calgary Police, Rocky View Fire, Rocky View Protective Services, Bighorn Emergency Services, the ENMAX utility, and Calgary Airport Authority on the system. I haven't identified the talkgroups 100%, but they're in the 52000 block.

So here's the gist of what services are using 753f, as far as I have been able to tell. (There are some minor exceptions to the talkgroup limits listed below.)

Calgary Fire (and other fire services): decimal talkgroups 48 to 15568
Calgary EMS: decimal talkgroups 16400 to 17232
Calgary Police: decimal talkgroups 32784 to 35024 and 48112 to 51984
ENMAX: decimal talkgroups 35056 to 35664
Calgary Airport Authority: 64016 to 64208
Alberta Provincial Courts: 52000 to 52112

As I get more info, I'll update the database. Anyone else who gets anything, please submit it.
Not open for further replies.