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nj state police

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Feb 10, 2007
hello i have a pro-93 scanner i was reading an article from back a few years about rebanding and it stated that as long as the fourth # after the decimal point was not a 0 it would be able to trunk, my question im trying to scan the nj state police troop a and im seeing the cc as 860.9375 859.9375 858.9375 857.9375 so the fourth # after the decimal point is a 5 i should be able to scan the system is this correct, also if it cannot is there a way that i can put in the id's and possible set something up to where i can scan the system showing the id's so i can see them, thans for any help


Apr 3, 2008
Port Charlotte FL

it should trunk.
the radio is only analog so if anyone changed to digital you will just get noise.
i would not worry about the talkgroups yet. set it up and listen for a while.
and yes about the 5 in the forth place.
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