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Apr 21, 2004
Monmouth County, New Jersey
:?: Please help. I just bought a BC-250D the other day. I am having trouble programing NJSP trunked in it.

I have the freqs for Troop C, put them in as type 2 800, but do not do anything.

I shouldn't have to put in the talkgroups and then get all of them?

If I am wrong what should I set it as? Talk Group location? ID?

I never had trunk tracker, and I am lost. I eventually want to have one bank for troop A, one for troop B, and one for troop C, but living in monmouth county i thought I should use tyroop C first.

Monday I am going to FT Lauderdale for a couple of days and want to listen to their trunked.

But, please help with NJSP. LOL.




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Dec 19, 2002
NJSP Trunk Help

Try this:

1. Push the Menu/Back button, select 2, then 2, then whatever number bank you want them in, say 1 for example.
2. Then push 1, 1 again, 1 again, 1 again, then 2, enter the channel number you want it in, then enter, then 1, put in the frequency [857.7125], then the Alpha Tag (use the VFO white knob in the center top of the unit to rotate the letters) (I have it marked Troop C TRS) using the RSM key to advance it and the hold key to reverse. If you make a mistake, the ./Reverse key at the bottom will eventually delete the character selected.
3. Then when finished, press Enter, and start over with the next frequency by selecting the next channel number (and then enter 858.7125; 859.7125; 860.7125).
4. When all of the frequencies are put in, go to the Menu, and scroll up to :CNTRL CH ONLY and select Plan 1. This will automatically trunk it without putting in all of the frequencies (the other four are essential, since they are the control channel freq's).

The onwers manual is confusing at first but if you digest it a little, it should make more sense. Hope this helps.
Apr 12, 2004
Newark,New Jersey
reply to me if you read this...i just got to understand it myself....where r u in jersey...by troop "c"
after you program trunked freq 4 troop c...try id#55280...its unmarked state police in irvington,nj....lots of action and arrests there....lol


Jun 26, 2003
Brick Twp., New Jersey
Just a note. You don't have to alpha or text tag the frequencies when you program a trunked system with a 250D. You will never see them anyway. Alpha or text tag the TG IDs only. When there is activity on the system, you will only see the frequency, Talk Group ID and text or alpha tag for the Talk Group. Text tagging the frequencies is a waste of time.

If you are still having problems, email me (click email under my post and I will walk you through it, one on one, step by step). I have the NJSP Troop C system in my BC785D, the base model cousin to your 250D, and it works fine.
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