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NOAA / NWS Fill In The Blank Weather Sheet?

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Feb 14, 2012
Carnesville Ga
Has anyone ever hear of a fill in the blank sheet for NOAA / NWS radio transmissions?

I have a very bad memory and thought it to be a great idea to have a sheet of laminated paper that has the basic structure of a NOAA radio transmission filled out and you the listener just fill in the blanks. Such as Temps, Barometric Pressure, wind speed, weather, % chance of rain stuff like that.

I would use this in 2 different types of ways.

Example 1 : listen in the morning, fill out the sheet hang it up in common place at work for everyone to see and then erase and re-fill out info again at lunch or next day.

Example 2 : Severe Weather power outage, where the power will be out for 3+ days. Batteries will die in cell phones, radios, labtops and possible downed phone lines(internet). So this method would allow some one like me who has a poor memory to turn on the radio listen for 5 min write down the info and save battery power in the weather radio by turning it off. Then erase, re-listen in 4-6 hours and re-write.

If anyone knows of anything like this let me know. If I get no response I will probably type up my own.
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