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Northcoast Radio (2) LTR

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May 3, 2003
LTR systems don't have dedicated talkgroup or radio ID's, it's just a single ID that can represent a talkgroup or a radio ID, but not both.

In LTR subscriber radios a talkgroup is defined by a Rx low ID and a Rx high ID, any ID received between the low and high ID's is considered in the talkgroup. Below is a screen shot of an LTR radio programmer showing the Rx low and high ID's as well as the Tx ID fields:


In systems where each LTR ID is a unique talkgroup then Rx low ID = Rx high ID = Tx ID.

Systems where the LTR ID is unique to each radio the low and high Rx ID's will define a block of ID's in the talkgroup, usually with some extra ID's in the assigned block for future expansion. The radio Tx ID will be one of the ID's inside the Rx block.

Unfortunately I'm unaware of any scanner that supports the use of a low and high Rx range, they just assume that all LTR systems operate in the single ID per talkgroup mode. When scanning a system like Northcoast's that uses ID's as individual radio identifiers you are going to see the scan list behavior you are experiencing in your scanner.


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Feb 2, 2009
Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you for the detailed explanation regarding the Northcoast LTR system. I had entered a submission to update the Northcoast (2) system based on what my scanners showed. The earlier posts (from years ago) were in single Group format. Everything I had been seeing and reported is in User ID format. So the Admin messaged me asking for an explanation of the difference. Note: I haven't seen any activity for the older entries and suggested that they be removed.

It looks like Northcoast (2) for what ever reason changed ID formats.
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