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BCD996XT: Not Receiving UHF P25 Transmissions

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Jul 3, 2007
I recently purchased this scanner and programmed it with the Minnesota AMER system (800mhz UHF), as well as Wisconsin's WISCOM (VHF) P25 systems, as well as other analog systems.

I receive the WISCOM and analog signals perfectly. My problem is that my ability to pick up the Minnesota AMER system is inconsistent. When the scanner scans through the systems, the signal meter shows 2-4 bars when scanning the MN AMER system, however the scanner DOES NOT stop on those channels and is not receiving any transmissions. When it used to stop on them and receive a signal, the transmissions were clear and there was no distortion. It will work fine for a few days, then those channels fall dead silent for several days. Last night, I wiped the memory and re-uploaded the file using Freescan, and the MN AMER system started working again. Now this morning, they are dead silent again, and I didn't change any settings. The signal meter still shows 2-4 bars, but the scanner DOES NOT stop on any of those channels and pick up any transmissions. I live 13 miles from the tower, and it is wide open, flat land. It is programmed with all frequencies listed on this website. I've tried turning off my WiFi, etc., with no luck. I don't see any other sources of interference. It is set to ID search and all talk groups listed on this site are programmed.

I've tried adjusting the P25 Adjust Level with no luck.

Again, when receiving a transmission in the past, there was no distortion and the signal was crystal clear. It receives the WISCOM VHF P25 signals perfectly. Is my scanner faulty? Any help would be appreciated.
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