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Novato California, Marin County frequencies needed.

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Nov 10, 2004
San Francisco bay area
Anybody have some interesting frequencies in and out of Novato and the Marin County area.. all of the websites give the basic stuff like.. Conventional PD, Fire etc. Anybody have anything that would be of interest in listening to? Tnx.
_____________jason. nh7cy.
Nov 10, 2004
San Francisco bay area
ok tnx, yeah a pro-96 is definitely going to be my next investment once im done changing all of my MTS's out for XTS radios. just be careful of what you put up on the site though i dunno if you remember what happened last time.. anyways, i'll check out what you have now, tnx for letting me know the info has been updated, i havent checked it for some time now..
________jason. nh7cy.


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Feb 21, 2005
Novato , California 94945
here you go


I'd be happy to share all the marin info I have with you. I've attached the file I use for my Pro-96 setup for the win96 program if you have it (if you don't I highly recommend it, you can download it at http://www.starrsoft.com/software/win96/default.asp). Novato public safety is all on MERA and I'll give you some talkgroups relevant to Novato below:

Law Enforcement:

47248 NP Novato PD Dispatch 1 (Primary dispatch)
47280 NP 2 Novato PD Dispatch 2 (Secondary dispatch)
47312 NP T1 Novato PD Tactical 1 (Car to car, etc...)
47376 NP T2 Novato PD Tactical 2
47216 NP AD Novato PD Administration

Novato PD has 4 beats:
1- San Marin
2- Vintage Oaks/Bahia
3- Ignacio/Hamilton
4- Downtown Novato

On the radio you'll hear their unit IDs sound like "13L14" "13L41" etc. (they often cut off the first number to shorten it so it's just like "L14") The 13 stands for the department, which is Novato PD. The L is patrol officer, you'll also hear X for sergeant and K for investigator and K9 units. The last two numbers are the beat number, followed by the officer's radio ID number. (So L14 would be San Marin, make sense?) Listening to Novato it sounds to me like there are at least two officers on each beat most of the time bringing the total to 8, plus a sergeant or two all on duty.

62704 PD APB All Points Bulletins (APBs for the whole county)
62736 PD CLL Calling
62768 PD TLK Talk
62800 PD MAC Mutual Aid (patch to CONTROL 2 on 39.52 Mhz) (Mutual aid between county Police depts)
62832 Common Tactical 8 (These are often used for DUI checkpoints around Novato & San Rafael)
62864 Common Tactical 9
62896 Common Tactical 10

45616 SO Sheriff Dispatch 1 (Primary sheriff dispatch, patched from "Control 1" - 39.24 Mhz)
45904 SO T1 Sheriff Tactical 1
45936 SO T2 Sheriff Tactical 2
45968 SO T3 Sheriff Tactical 3

Unincorperated areas of Novato are patrolled by a sole roving sheriff unit called 1Q33 (1Z33 on the night shift), based out of the Civic Center SO Headquarters.

If you want to check out San Rafael too, they mostly hang out in the Canal and not Terra Linda. Here are their TGs:

52048 SRP San Rafael PD Dispatch 1
52080 SRP 2 San Rafael PD Dispatch 2
52112 SRP T1 San Rafael PD Tactical 1
52144 SRP T2 San Rafael PD Tactical 2
52176 SRP T3 San Rafael PD Tactical 3

Novato Fire/EMS:

62928 Fire Dispatch (Novato FPD is dispatched on this channel)
28816 Novato FD Control D2 (Novato units respond to an incident on this channel)
28848 Novato FD Control D3 (Backup for seperate incidents)
28880 Novato FD Tactical D4 (Used on-scene for fireground communications)
28912 Novato FD Command D5 (On-scene IC coordination)
28944 Novato FD Tactical D6 (Backup Tac)
63568 Novato Command (D7) (Mutual aid with PD)
38416 Novato FD Tactical D8 (Backup Tac shared w/ Southern fire zone G)
39216 Novato FD Tactical D9 (Backup Tac shared w/ Southern fire zone G)
28976 Novato FD Admin D15 (Misc. conversations between novato firefighters about whats for dinner, etc.)

EMS/Hospital: (Patient reports)

44848 All Hosp A3 All Hospitals
44912 MGH Cons A4 Marin General Hospital ER/Consult
45040 MGH Rprt A5 MGH Report (BLS)
44810 KSR Cons A6 Kaiser Consult
45008 KSR Rprt A7 Kaiser Report (BLS)
44944 NCH Cons A8 Novato Community Hospital ER/Consult
45072 NCH Rprt A9 Novato CH Report (BLS)


13200 Novato Public Works


39.24000 KMA224 BM 82.5 PL CONTROL 1 Dispatch/Primary (Simulcast w/ MERA) FM
39.52000 KMA224 BM 0.0 PL CONTROL 2 Mutual Aid (Countywide) FM
39.36000 KMA224 BM 82.5 PL CONTROL 3 Secondary FM
39.08000 KYG588 BM 0.0 PL CONTROL 11 Detectives FM
154.7400 KF9725 M 82.5 PL Mobile Extenders FM

156.24000 159.10500 KSQ274 BMRF 127.3 PL CONTROL 10 Public Works FM
151.04000 159.18000 WPHY735 MRF 203.5 PL CONTROL 20 Road Maintenance FM

Enjoy the win96 file too it's got as much of the north bay as I could fit into it as possible. Happy scanning :)
Jun 7, 2004
Sacramento/Bay Area, CA
I did a ride-a-long with the SO 33 unit, and they cover a HUGE area, from Black Point to the the unincorporated west side of Novato. She drove like a bat out of hell in a rickety old CVPI that should have been taken out of service.

Also, don't forget your local CHP frequencies! You guys are lucky that they're repeatered down there, so it eases the monitoring.

Just my 0.02. Lived in Novato for about 4 years too. Alright place, and the cops are pretty cool (it helps to not get in trouble).
Apr 11, 2005
Citrus Heights, Ca.
I noticed all of the freqs in the "conventional radio" catagory. Are all of the trunked freqs simulcast on there?

I ask, because I'm going to Marin on Sunday, and wonder if I need to just program in the conventional freqs, or go to the trouble of setting up for the trunked system.
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