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NY State Police @ NY State Fair, Syracuse

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Apr 10, 2009
Central/Upstate NY
Anyone heading to the New York State Fairgrounds this year, here is run down of the primary frequencies being used.

NY State Police are using their rebanded 800 frequencies; as analog conventional repeaters. The M/A-Com Ericsson ProVoice digitial trunked radio system is not being used this year (which is good for us!)This system was in use during the 2004, and 2006 - 2008 fair seasons.

2009 Frequencies:

853.9375 NY State Police- Fairgrounds Command 127.3 PL 808.9375 input

853.9625 NY State Police- Fairgrounds Command/ Midway Units 167.9 PL 808.9625 input

154.6650 NY State Police- Fairgrounds Traffic/ Car-to-Car 110.9 PL

155.2950 Rural Metro Ambulance- Fairgrounds Dispatch 146.2 PL

151.6250 Rural Metro Ambulance- Fairgrounds Tactical 103.5 PL

159.3150 NY State Fairgrounds- Operations Repeater 103.5 PL 156.0000 input

151.8350 NY State Fairgrounds- Security 103.5 PL

151.9250 NY State Fairgrounds- Grandstand 103.5 PL

158.8050 NY State Fairgrounds- Trams & Parades 103.5 PL

151.6250 Strates Shows 114.8 PL

463.6750 American Red Cross- Parking 146.2 PL

452.0250 Parking- by Mubro 156.7 PL 457.0250 input

There are many, many more frequencies and PL's, but the more important ones are listed above. Enjoy!
Dec 19, 2004
Upstate NY
because the 800 MHz portables aren't scanning all channels, SP Fairgrounds is transmitting all BOLOs on both 800 MHz channels at the same time. (there are two 800 MHz and one VHF base stations.) the dispatcher is using both 800 MHz radio mic's, keying them the same time to broadcast the information. let's just say I've seen it done so that's how I know.

apparently these radios were supposed to be set to scan all channels but the last detail down on Long Island for the PGA event there a change was made to disable the scan and wasn't reverted back before the fair. the "simulcast" is a work around, and wasn't by design!
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