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Obesity Pandemic Engulfs the World. Now More Fat Folks Than Undernourished

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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Mar 22, 2005
Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.
It only goes to show you still can't tell the difference between beaver and chicken. You eat too much and it's not beaver, chips and beer give you bloat. With that belly it's no wonder you're not eating beaver.

Your avatar has put on the pounds too, put that critter on a diet and keep an eye on him at those kids' parties. Cake and candy is fattening and so is Chicken Kung Fu. He needs more fiber in his diet, chewing wood and getting excersise building dams will do him good. Take him off the steroids for goodness sake, he looks like he's going to pop.

Now get up of your lard butt and carry some logs for your avatar and when you lose the blubber maybe you'll both get the beaver.
Not open for further replies.