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Oregon Air Show, Hillsboro Oregon Frequencies

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Aug 23, 2004
From 2006 air show thread ...

Air Show control 123.4 mhz AM
2nd control 123.45
Coordination 120.45
3rd control 126.4

I hear traffic on 121.7 and 119.3

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Aug 23, 2004
Scanner Highlights from Oregon Air Show 08

Air Boss was great. The relationship between Hillsboro Tower and Air Boss exposed 'real'
professionalism. Not to be too serious. They also had some fun.

Air Boss to Pyro

Air Boss: Is Pyro ready?

Pyro: (no answer)

Air Boss: Pyro are you ready?

Pyro: ready

Air Boss: Don't let John next to the trigger.

Pyro: (chuckle)

Air Boss to Tower

Tower: Air Boss you have control

Air Boss: Copy

Tower: That's a big model

Air Boss: It's 1/4 scale

Tower: That's big

Air Boss: You can find me at the next model air show

Bad part of the air show was the Air Force C17 from Seattle. It barely had fuel to make it to Hillsboro (200 miles away) and return. There was communication problems in the C17 ****pit. The Air Boss did not have radio contact with the C17. Hillsboro Tower managed the situation with grace while the Air Boss thanked the C17 crew for the fly by.

Hillsboro Tower helped the C17 to setup a low pass and a slow left bank to get the most for the crowd. Kudos to the Hillsboro Tower.

It was a good show all around. There was a low crowd turnout because of the Olympics and a couple of local community events around Portland.
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