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Pacifica PD disptach absorbed by S.San Fran.

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Oct 10, 2009
As of two days ago I heard SSFPD has taken over Pacifica PDs dispatch, so now they operate on the same channel w/ the same dispatchers, etc. Looks like the SSFPD feed updated its info on that too. Kinda interesting to hear two cities so separate operate on the same channel, but I suppose its nothing new, as Broadmoor/ Half Moon Bay/ Millbrae shared a primary/ still do w/ the exception of Half Moon Bay. Interesting stuff, looks like this is the way a lot of departments are going toward. Thoughts?

Here's the SSFPD/ Pacifica feed if anyone's interested-gets action packed from time to time.

Some more info:
Per the SSFPD feed and this news article, looks like the whole simulcast type system changes depending on the time of day, staffing levels, etc. (Like the San Jose PD channels 7/8 etc.)
" * As of 10/2/11 South San Francisco PD has taken over dispatch for the Pacifica Police Department. Depending on dispatch staff and time of day, they may operate on the same primary or on their individual channels."
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