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Pager Tone Out - Union County NC

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Mar 25, 2005
Does anyone have a list of tone out codes for the various fire departments in Union County NC? Scanner is ordered but would like to set it to tone out for the VFD that covers my actual neighborhood... Thanks in advance...


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Mar 3, 2004
Concord, NC
The tone outs for both Monroe City and Union County fire departments are listed in the Wiki section under

Union County is the data base.

All of Union County uses "A" series Motorola Quick Call II Tones.

Haven't had time to sit down and decode the EMS Tones yet.

I had a listing for them, but since they have migrated to 12 hours shifts the tones I have may have

changed by now.

Before the county signed the ambulance contract over to Atrium Heath

Bakers Fire, Waxhaw Fire, Beaver Lane Fire and UMeck Rescue provided ambulances and the county

provided the Paramedic

U Meck Rescue ran in both Mecklenburg and Union Counties. In Union they were dispatched on 155.280

Mhz. and 462.950 Mhz. (Med 9) in Mecklenburg

The ambulance tones were the same as the fire tones with ambulance being dispatched on state rescue

(155.280 instead of 154.220 Mhz..)

All that has changed now

County Fire is dispatched on 154.220 Mhz.

Monroe Fire is dispatched on 453.125 Mhz

Union Ems is dispatched on 155.400 Mhz.

Then everything is assigned an 800 Mhz. Tac channel for operations.

Look under the Union County Wiki tab and the fire tones should be there.

One other note Providence Fire that has tones listed in the WIki are not correct. Providence Fire has ceased operations.

Wesley Chapel now covers the area the station number is 43 and they use the same tones as there other two stations. Stations 26 & 31.

Hope this helps

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