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Paladin Security

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Aug 26, 2006
Vancouver BC
if it is anything like out here in the West, they use RCC, and have of some of their own licenses even some simplex 939 Mhz at hospitals, but they have a relationship with one shop out here, so i imagine across the country they shop local for radio needs, if the facility does not provide comm for them.
I would hang out at said location look at radios and try close call or search the band.
TAFL shows nothing on the site or for Paladin, if you saw radios on their belt than they are speaking to dispatch thru wide area repeater.
Jan 16, 2018
Last time I was in there it was Securitas doing building security. They must have switched recently? I'd be surprised if the city doesn't provide the radios. Check out HRMs frequencies possibly. They provide the radios for security at the Bridge Terminal, and possibly the staff collecting fares at the ferry (not 100% sure on that). If you're asking about fare collectors (are they Paladin now?) and they have radios, I'd almost bet it's provided by HRM.
Dec 7, 2009

I am talking about the actual building security , not the fare takers for ferries , they switched to Paledin , same company that has the contract for the hospitals , I imagine the security fare takers for metro transit would be on the trunk , same as the ferry workers
Jul 20, 2013
Go find a guard in a boring place and go talk to him, then say "oh we use those radios, but they barely work in our building" and get a real good look at the antenna.
Is it a V/U long/short wide/thin 800/900 1.2G ?
What brand/model?

Or, our belt clips keep breaking, are yours plastic or metal?
Or battery life is better with lithium and super light (are your batteries light or heavy), antennas snap off when on the belt.

A friend had motorola "push to talk" phone and 2-way in one. 800mhz. Looked like a modern FRS radio.
Have a close-call in you pocket, and be there if he checks in.
Many check in 5-mins to the hour, and 10 after. Be there then.
If he talks or others do, are there repeater sounds in-between, chirps, digitized voice or analog?

Be creative, pack a lunch, report back and earn your badge.
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