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Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club Hamfest


Premium Subscriber
Nov 3, 2010
Parry Sound Ontario
PSARC 2019 Hamfest
Saturday August 10 2019
Nobel Ontario
148 Hammel Rd P2A 2W9
McDougall Recreation Center
Talk in on Club Repeater VE3RPL 2 METER VHF 145.490MHz (-600Khz) PL tone 156.7Hz
General Admission **Free**
Vendor Costing Info
Indoor 1st Table $10 2nd and more $5Each. Supply your own table(s) $7
Outdoor 1st Table $7 2nd and more $5Each. Supply your own Table(s) $5 Flat rate
*** Open to Vendors 7am ***
*** Open to Public 9am ***
****Free Coffee Till its Gone****
To Pre order Tables Use the Contact Us Page
Contact Us | Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club

PSARC will be Net Controller from 7am to 9 for The Ontario Amateur Radio Service Net. ONTARS
3.755 MHz LSB Operation as VE3PSH (Vector Echo 3 Papa Sierra Hotel)
The Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club is holding it's 2019 Hamfest on August 10th at 9:00am at the McDougall Recreation Center, For more information please visit Hamfest | Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club

There will be lots of electronic and radio equipment for sale. Last of the the estate of the late Steve Serheniuk VE3BYS

Great Prizes to be won thanks to our sponsors!

The Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club will have an accredited examiner on site for individuals who wish to write the Amateur Radio Test.
If you wish to do so we need you to contact us at least a week before the event.

Allan Boyed VE3AJB from Radio Amateurs of Canada will be on site. As well as commercial venders.