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Pawnee County Oklahoma

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Sep 11, 2011
Cleveland, OK Pawnee County
I am new to this whole forum thing and hope someone will help me out. I have searched the Oklahoma Forum and could not find any answers to my questions.

Would like some help finding the right scanner for Pawnee County Oklahoma. I want to be able to listen to Pawnee County Sheriff and the OHP. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg. (what would be really great is if I could find an app for my iphone that would allow me to do the above. I have an app for Tulsa County.)

Also, why are there not any live feeds for Pawnee County that I could listen to on my computer. (I have searched and can not find one.)

I am not real smart on this scanner stuff-and have no idea what any of the lingo means-but I am a fast learner-just need some good guidance.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks again-Shelly


Dec 14, 2001
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Welcome to radioreference. You are in luck. Pawnee County is about as simple as it gets for scanning nowadays. All you will need is a simple VHF/UHF scanner from Radio Shack and you should be good to go. Here is a link for the scanners...

RadioShack® 200-Channel Desktop Radio Scanner - RadioShack.com

RadioShack® 200-Channel VHF/AIR/WX/UHF Handheld Scanner - RadioShack.com

Here is a link for the frequencies...

Pawnee County, Oklahoma (OK) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

Hope this helps...
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