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Perkins Specialized Transportation -Low-level nuclear waste final destination in UTAH

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Truck Location: Starting point in California for Clive,Utah :D

[If you hear any routes or local news stories doing the trip in Utah. Please post it for reference for the next 3 trips readers.]

The process will be repeated through December until a total of four radioactive steam generators from San Onofre are in nuclear waste facility in Clive, Utah for disposal.

Utah links:

Published: Saturday, July 30, 2011
Trailer to haul nuclear waste to Utah - Massive trailer making four trips from California

Perkins Specialized Transportation

Perkins Radios:
466.2125 - DCS 311 (Main channel) - [Heard/Confirmed doing the Escondido-Riverside, California move]
464.3375 - DCS 245 - (AUX Channel?) [Heard/Confirmed doing the Escondido-Riverside, California move]

* The 399-foot transport truck carrying a 380 ton low-level radioactive steam generator from the San Onofre nuclear power plant to Utah

* A nuclear steam generator is slowly making its way across states on a top-secret route from San Onofre to Utah, where it will be disposed of.

* Haul a lightly contaminated 750,000-pound piece of the plant's old steam generator

* The generator piece is painted with a thick coat of blue to prevent pieces of steel from chipping or flaking off.

* Three semi-trucks will haul the carriage—one in front and two in the back—at 15 mph. The journey to the dump site in Utah is expected to take three weeks.

* Fortunately, with 192 tires and 48 axles, the Perkins trailer is up to the task.

* Officials say that the radiation levels are small enough that standing next to it for an hour would be less exposure than getting dental x-rays.

This 192-wheel supertrailer is hauling nuclear waste across California

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