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Please help!! Why is the lancaster county lincoln ne channel temrminated

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May 13, 2010
Can someone please help,Almost 2 weeks ago Wednesday May 11,2011 a man here in lincoln Ne took his family hostage and then after swat fbi and homeland security got there he killed himself then the feed here and on my droid police scanner was TERMINATED DUE TO A TOS VIOLATION "BRODCASTING SWAT TALKGROUPS" WILL THIS EVER BE ON again I enjoy listening to it so much,I paid I think 5.00 for the app on my droid and now lincoln is gone! please someone help ,,Thanks


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Apr 10, 2011
I too enjoyed listening to whats going on around lincoln so I bought a scanner and couldnt be more satisfied with my purchase. I see here on RR the live feeds are only fire/emt no PD anymore.
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