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Please help with 1580AM 50MW near my home, Signal comes from pipes, wall heater, etc.

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May 28, 2015
Hello anyone who can help!

1580AM 50MW near my home in LA

The clearly audible broadcast (not buzzing or humming) makes my stereo speakers/headphones unusable, emits from some pipes, the wall heater (loudly!), and there seems to be a flicker in some kitchen appliance leds that correlates to the sound, etc.

A family friend suggested we are not well grounded enough or the wiring (old house 1910, rewired with proper 3 prongs throughout, but maybe there is a section of old ungrounded). I am looking into having an electrician come and inspect this, or even just put in an additional grounding rod myself.

Here's where things get curiouser:
We recently had Solar panels installed on the house, and two inverters were attached outside near the breaker box (one for upstairs one for downstairs). Radio signals coming out of the wall heater have increased markedly since - eventhough the solar system is not yet activated (awaiting city inspection).

SO my initial suspicion that the house needs a better connection to earth plus the huge solar array on the roof plugging into same insufficient ground is creating a giant antennae?

any thoughts, advice, like experiences?



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Apr 13, 2008
Don't you mean Kilowatts (KW)?

If it were me, I'd build a heavy duty superheterodyne receiver and from within the tank circuitry, I'd take the 450 to 500 VDC and feed it into a 480 VDC inverter to output 240 VAC at 60 Hz. Ground and SHIELD everything, hook it to the top of the circuit breaker box after disconnecting it from the power grid, and run my house off of "free" RF.

However, you won't be able to complain when the water heater has Rush Limbaugh coming out of it!

Disclaimer: This is only dreaming on my part. You should never, ever steal another's RF! Ever!
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