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Port Lavaca Texas EDACS system question

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Feb 11, 2008
Port Lavaca Texas
Hey everyone i live in Port Lavaca Texas Calhoun County i found A new edacs system in the county (the Control Channel). I am still kinda new to the scanner world but i have a 396T. My question is since i found the control channel how do i go about finding the other freqs that would go with the system and after finding the freqs how would i go about finding out or knowing what LCN to put the freq in. Any replys would be awesome. ANd sorry if this question has been asked before and talked about it before i couldnt find anything about it. Thanks again.
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Dec 15, 2000
Did you check the database? There are a few EDACSsystems nearby, but I would suspect that it would be the power company.

Here are a few links to systems in your area:

Calhoun County/Port Lavaca

Refugio County

San Patricio County

There are a few more, but I limited the search to nearby countyies.

Plus, check the wiki and the trunked radio systems/scanners info on the forum page. There is much information available there.

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Oct 20, 2002
Katy, TX
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