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Portable Area Communication Repeaters (PAC-RT)

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Never used one of those specifically, but there are lots of similar products out there. Still very popular way of doing things. Calif. Highway Patrol uses this in almost all their vehicles.
Pyramid makes newer versions, including P25 vehicular repeaters.


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I had a bunch of PAC-RT's many years ago, VHF and UHF.

Worked well back in the day.

The VRS superseded the PAC-RT and the VRS was superseded by the DVRS.

Other manufacturers such as Pyramid and FutureComm offer similar products.


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Vertex makes (or used to) a much simpler (and less expensive) vehicular repeater that connects to your mobile radio and can be used with nearly any type of handheld. If you operate on VHF, you'll need a UHF version, or vice-versa if you operate on UHF. I forget the model number, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.

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Dec 22, 2013
The closest replacement for the PAC-RT was the Pyramid SVR-200. Bear in mind these are primarily crossband vehicle extenders . They are not self contained portable repeaters , though you could make one with a pair.
Oct 4, 2005
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Vehicular repeater

The Vertex VXR1000 works great as a cross-band vehicular repeater. I sold a lot of them with no problems. Antenna placement on the vehicle is critical to prevent internal interference.

Vertex Standard | VXR-1000

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Has this technology ceased being used or has it been replaced? If so, by what?

I have a similar, yet different application for this, but everything I see online is kinda old

PAC-RT Vehicular Repeater System (H14TTY for HT220), page 126

Jul 5, 2011
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You're showing two different solutions for two different problems.

The PAC/RT was simply an extender. You yanked the portable out of the convertacom, and the portable only had to make it back to the car. The car relayed the handheld with the better antenna and larger battery (and amp).

The flyaway kit in the box we used for problems when we went somewhere not covered by a legacy system. Others use them for search and rescue, and temporary events. Half the time someone put it on a table, and used the local mike, and just snaked a magmount as high as they could get it, but they worked best when a flunkie got dropped on the top of a building or mountain with it.

WHCA and the USSS have a teeny one based off the old lunchbox that is pretty cool, does astro P25 and encryption.
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