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Portland Car Chase

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Jan 14, 2008
corpus christi
About 1 AM Sunday, I heard alot of sirens, and so I turned my scanner on, and heard GOT THEM AT GUN POINT IN FRONT OF CVS thats a block away from me, so I get in my car to go check it out.

Heard PD say a Black Lincoin took off towards the highway, and all the police were speeding everywere.

About 15 mins. later dispatch says San Pat. has a Lincoin stoped on CO RD 36 near Sinton, and they are trying to identify it.

No more info at this time. (1:20 am) check the Portland News Paper.
Dec 15, 2000
If they have him at gunpoint, and it is a block or so away, I would be ducking for cover getting behind the densest piece of furniture in the house.

Driving to a dangerous situation like that is foolish, dangerous, and one of the primary reasons the PDs wants to encrypt their comms.
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