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Post Update BCD396 Vs. GRE PSR-500

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Apr 29, 2006
Perhaps this post is a little bit premature, but I would be interested in how the post update BCD396 compares to the GRE PSR-500. I would be particularly interested in anybody that has both and has compared them on a system with CQPSK modulation. I currently have a BCD996 that I use in the house on a discone and a GRE PSR-500 that I use in a vehicle. I do not use an external antenna with the GRE PSR-500; I just use the stock rubber duck antenna. As you can imagine, listening to a multi-packet system on the GRE PSR-500 can sound great one moment and not so good a moment later while in motion. I have a work Motorola XTS5000 that is often monitoring some of the same talkgroups, so I know when the talkgroups are active. I do like the GRE PSR-500, but I do think that there is still some room for improvement of the CQPSK systems.
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