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Power companies and digital commands on FM radio

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Jun 25, 2011
This article a couple years ago, talks about power companies using existing FM radio stations to send out digital commands.
The Latest Players in Smart Grid: Radio Stations : Greentech Media

Has anyone ran across this when looking at RDS data, or scanning frequencies?
This sounds neat and I'm really curious how they did this, but I'm having trouble finding info on where/if any companies actually do this.

The closest I could find is:
Frequently Asked Questions About the PeakRewards℠ Program from BGE
which comments:
"During periods of high electricity use in the Mid-Atlantic region, typically during the summer months, a radio signal may be sent to the Smart Switch to interrupt the flow of electricity to the compressor on your air conditioner or electric heat pump for a period of time each hour. "

But it doesn't explain any details at all.
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