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Pro-106 runs like a gem

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Feb 8, 2012
For improved reception, the experts on here often emphasize two things: a better antenna, and a better antenna-location.

If you are using the PRO106 to primarily monitor 800 mHz TRSs, you might consider an antenna that does a better job in the 800 mHz range than the stock antenna. If you are inside a building, or in a location where your surroundings interfere with the signal, you might consider an exterior antenna, or one elevated in the room or attic.

If you can give more details about your situation and radio-system(s)-of-interest, others might be able to give you a more robust answer to your question.

Hope this helps,
Mar 12, 2004
My 106 runs like a gem and has not failed me yet. But I need to know is how can I get the EDACS to sound better?
Please define "sound better".
Is it a noisy signal? If so, the last poster gave you the answer.
If the audio is weak, but without noise, the dispatcher needs to speak louder.
If everyone on that system sounds weak, they need to boost the audio. Etc., etc., etc.
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