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Pro-163 Ottawa EMS EDACS

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Jul 29, 2001
Ottawa, Ont.
Rebanding does not apply to EDACS, only 850MHz Motorola systems.

The PRO-163 can be programmed for the EDACS system. Be aware,
these are special-purpose EMS channels used for events etc. including
Winterlude. Main EMS activity is on Ontario-wide Motorola VHF system
which you can also receive:

Bell FleetNet - Ontario Provincial Government Zone 2 Trunking System, Southeast Zone, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies

In case you're not aware: forget Ottawa Police on EDCAS on your scanner (or any other); but there are other ways to receive

Feb 12, 2014
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Thanks for your replies !

I was listening to the below feed thru the net and if I can receive Ottawa EMS and a few things that would be great !

Ottawa Public Safety

Feed Notes

This scanner feed is set to follow:

  • Ottawa OPP (2OPS37, 2OPS34, ONLY)
  • Ottawa EMS (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta)
  • Ottawa Fire including Airport Fire
  • The scanner does not broadcast O.P.P TAC talkgroups or TAC EMS talkgroups
The scanner has been re-programmed to stream line the scanner activity for the Ottawa Area.
The current reception location is Ottawa West.
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