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pro 163

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Aug 31, 2010
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To Text Tag the Startup Screen:
1. In Manual mode press PGM then FUNC then TEXT.
2. Move the cursor to the position you want using to move right, or to move left, then skip to Entering Characters.
3. Press ENT to edit the next line.
4. Return to step 2 for the rest of the lines.
Press MAN to exit programming.
Entering Characters:
Press FUNC then CL to clear the existing tag if desired.
To insert a space, press . (period) or .
Select each letter by pressing the corresponding number key below each letter (2 for A,B,or C). The display will then show the available letters.
Select 1 for the first letter, 2 for the second letter, 3 for the third letter, or 4 for the fourth letter.

To toggle between capital and small letters, at any time, press FUNC.
To insert a number, press 1 first, then enter the desired number.
To insert a special character, press 0 first, (then FUNC if you want to see the second set of characters) then the number of the desired character.
If you want to clear the existing character, place the cursor on the character and press CL.
Press ENTER when finished to store the tag. Press MAN to exit programming.


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Dec 28, 2008
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pro 197

bought a new pro 197 has boot 1.2 app 1.7 do i need to update i tried downloaded 1.8 and 1.9 verson
cant seem to find the right port check the device manager no luck need help thanks jeff
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