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PRO-197 won't recognize talk groups

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Dec 26, 2006
One of my PRO-197s has been working fine for over 3 years on a P-25 digital trunked system. I have police, fire and sheriff talk groups programed. There are about 20 others (jail, courts, animal control, public works, etc) that I don't have programmed. Several days ago the scanner went silent. It still shows it is scanning and when I analyze the control channel it looks good, strong signal, decoding 82-99%.

For a test I programmed all the voice channels as conventional channels. I can now hear all transmission made on any of the voice channels.

I did all the resets and reloaded my profile. No change. Restoring everything to factory settings made no difference. Then I undated the firmware to the latest release. No change.

It appears that everything is OK except it will not recognize any of the talk group codes. Any ideas?

Feb 8, 2012
This probably is not the problem, but maybe the TRS administrators changed the control-channel?

Just a thought,
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