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PRO-2041 Loses Memory

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Dec 19, 2002
Calvert County Maryland
I programmed several conventional channels into bank one of a PRO-2041. I unplugged the radio over night. When I plugged it in the following day the previous day's programming was not there.

I know in my PRO-2066 if the 12 volt supply voltage is allowed to go to zero with the radio on the scanner memory is erased. Is that an issue with this scanner as well? I cannot instantly duplicate this with the PR-2041.

Any clues? I can't find anything on the net that might explain this behavior.


Jun 27, 2002
PRO-2041 info from the Radio Shack site:

The memory backup circuit begins to function a few minutes after
you supply power to the scanner. How long the scanner will
maintain channels stored in memory depends on how long power has
been supplied to the scanner. If power is continuously supplied
to the scanner for at least 4 days, the memory backup circuit
maintains the channels stored in memory for up to 3 months.

The PRO-2066 should not lose memory since the memory is nonvolatile. Either it needs repair or if all PRO-2066's lose memory, it is a design flaw.
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