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PRO 2096 Misses

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May 9, 2005
I have a PRO 2096, I recently got unitrunker going and can watch as signals come in. I have noticed that my 2096 misses alot, I have 99% on the control channel so I do not think signal is an issue. I have the trunking tables set according to Radio Reference. I have tried control channels only, also entering all frequencies and seems the same. Is there any particular order the frequencies should be entered in? What am I doing wrong, some of the signals that I am missing are not very far away. Am sure it is not the scanner because I have a Pro 96 also and it does exactly the same thing. Also as I see the signal come in on unitrunker I manually go to the frequency and then it comes through, but will no come through on its own. This is the system I am monitoring http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=2315
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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