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Pro-668 IF out

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Jan 15, 2006
Gulf Coast
Love how GRE decided originally to add the IF out through the headphone jack. I have it scanning an EDACS system, that uses ProVoice, and by running the output into my computer and using DSD+, it's decoding the ProVoice perfectly.

I've been able to receive this system using Unitrunker, DSD+ and a couple of dongles, but with the Pro-668 I get consistently better decoding. Now, since I also added the radio control program from Whistler, I have a nice visual representation of the radio screen on the computer, and the audio is coming through my computer's sound system, it really makes for great scanner listening!

So, after winning the battle with Windows 10 to install the drivers for the radio, I can say that I'm really liking this radio. Actually more than I thought I would, due to not being too familiar with the way the Iscan radios operate.
Not open for further replies.