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Pro 84 vs. Pro 97

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Mar 11, 2007
I own both of these scanners. They have the same frequencies stored in them with the exception of the trunking frequencies. One day I was monitoring with both of them on. I noticed that the 84 was picking things up the 97 wasnt. For instance; DuComm Fire East and West will come in clearer on the 84 then the 97. Also I seem not to get anything from CFD or CPD on the 97, but it will come in clear as day on the 84. I am in DuPage county. I have tried adjusting the squelch but nothing happens. Both scanners are stock.
Dec 14, 2005
I own a Pro-83 (similar scanner) and the Pro-97. This is totally natural. Each scanner is a bit different and more or less sensitive on some bands then the other scanner. They may not be exactly the same in receiving the same frequencies. Also the Pro-83/84 is a smaller scanner and the speaker doesn't produce as much hiss as the Pro-97 so "clearer" signals may just sound better because of the speaker. I assume both of your scanner are in the same location to test this. In my case, the Pro-83 is a bit weaker in receiving freqs than my Pro-97. But like I said, things will differ depending on each individual scanner. But there shouldn't be a huge difference.


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Sep 15, 2006
Fair Oaks, CA

All the scanners I have listed below receive differently just as you've experienced with your 2. Some designs are better are rejecting signals on adjacent frequencies, some are better with weak signals, .. and some are not good at anything. I'm pretty sure if you have 2 TVs, both hooked to an antenna; or 2 AM or FM broadcast radios; or 2 ...; you'll find the same thing. Heck, even 2 of the same model might not receive the same.
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