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PRO-92 backlight LCD upgrade?

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Jan 25, 2010
Ponchatoula, Louisiana USA
Does any outfit perform backlight LCD upgrades for the venerable PRO-92?

Even when mine was brand spanking new in 1999, the backlight was a weak, sickly green, like you might receive from an anemic firefly <g>. My biggest gripe with this terrific scanner has always been the weak and ineffective backlit display.

Over the years I've seen one or two PRO-92s modified with amber or red LEDs and I'd love to get mine fixed up like that; I'd have been able to do it myself a few years back but my blurry eyes and shaky hands just aren't up to the challenge of close-up precision work anymore.

Any ideas or information is gratefully accepted, even the very probable fact that it probably wouldn't be very wise to sink much money into a project like this for such an old radio.

Thanks regardless!
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