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pro 97 channels locked out

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Jan 23, 2003
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Press the manual key, then go through each channel hitting the lockout button on the scanner. There may be a simplier way, but I don't off the top of my head know it.

To save a lot of key input, you can unlock only those channels you have frequencies in.


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Jan 1, 2005
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Mike, you have no frequencies programmed into your scanner to scan - so it will say all channels locked out ... ie in other words ... there's nothing to scan and a 0.00 Mhz is
considered nothing. Now I would advise you to lQQk at the RRDatabase - state - county
and get a game plan together ... ie - Bank#0-Fire Depts, Bank#1=Police Depts, and so on.

When that scanner was shipped to RS, it had a VERY generic pre-loaded list of 150 freqs
that is basically a "hit and miss" proposition at best ... aparently someone cleared these out
if so your not missing much ... it is far better that you customize it yourself for your area !!!

If your curious lQQk at the bQQk and just for kicks ... you can load these preloaded freqs
just for grins and then turn around and clear them after checking the ones with traffic.
My own layout:B0=FD, B1=PD, B2=State, B3=Federal, B4=Schools, B5=Military Use,
B#6=FRS/GMRS/MURS/BB, B#7=Ham Radio, B#8=Air Traffic, B#9=Emergency/911 use.

Good Luck and here is I think the routine below to load the preloaded 150 freqs in B0&B1

1. Turn off the scanner, then turn it on again. Multi-system
Trunking Scanner appears.
2. Press 0 while Multi-system Trunking Scanner appears.
3. Press 1.
4. Press ENT. Initializing please stand by. appears for about 5
Do not turn off the scanner until the initalization is
complete. When the initialization is complete, M000
appears on the top line of the display. Bank 0 Ch 00


Jan 7, 2008
Spring Hill, Florida
For some reason, all channels are locked out. How do I fix this?
i have a pro 97 and it came pre programed with som frequency and if there locked out the channells all u got to do is hit the number pad 0 through 9 which ever channel u want un locked so if you want channel 3 to be un locked then press and hold the number 3 untill you see it show up and so forth and so on
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