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Program close call for Police freqs. only

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Apr 23, 2009
Madill, Oklahoma
Can anyone tell me or direct me to a link that will explain how to properly program Close Call?

I would like to program mine to only pick up law enforcement transmissions in the area.
Most of the transmissions here in Madill, Oklahoma are basic FM transmissions, but I pick up a lot of radio stations, etc. that I don't really want to pick up on close call. I would like to program it to pick up local law enforcement transmissions, and program it with the capability to pick up any trunking, digital, or other law enforcement transmitters that might wander into my area.

I've been looking around for an in depth article on close call programming, but haven't had any luck so far.

I am admittedly a newbie to scanners, but I've read up quite a bit lately, and am a paying member to Radio Reference.

I own the BCD396XT by Uniden.
Feb 24, 2001
I think you are not really understanding what close call is for, it will pick whatever is the strongest local signal and you can't program it to just pick up law enforcement.
If you want to just hear them then you will need to program them in to a system and scan them.



Uniden Representative
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Apr 19, 2004
Arlington, TX
You can eliminate common "nuisance" hits on Close Call by turning on broadcast screens. This will prevent hits on the screens you select (including the option for some custom ranges). FM Broadcast is an available built-in screen, as are Pagers, TV, and NOAA.
Apr 21, 2005
Caribou, Maine
If you know the frequency range of the "not law enforcement" that you don't want to hear, you can create a "custom (broadcast) screen". For example: go to Srch/CloCall Opt, then Broadcast Screen, then Program Band, then set the frequencies like "Band 1" 30.8600 (lower limit) to 47.6600 (upper limit). There are ten custom bands available, so you can block several problem ranges.

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