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Programming my PSR-500 for SCHP Palmetto 800

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May 3, 2008
Well when i first programmed in my Palmetto 800 system into my PSR-500, I wanted to break it up into logical divisions (i.e. Upstate, Midlands, Low Country). I wanted to do this so I could use the division to then assign TGRPS for a particular county agency (not SCHP in that county) into that TSYS. In other words, I would assign the Laurens County TGRPS to the Upstate TSYS. So I went through all that hassle.

The idea behind this was so that I could assign all of the SCHP TGRPS to all 4 TSYS I set up for Palmetto 800 (remember only 32 freqs allowed per TSYS) and tell which part of the system I was seeing hits on as I drove down the interstates (e.g. Anderson should hit on the Upstate TSYS). I drive a lot and thought this would be the easiest way to not have to mess with separate scan lists for each region etc as I moved into different regions. I have a large set of scan lists fo the upstate and wanted to keep SCHP to one scan list.

After awhile, I noticed I was getting hits on Upstate SCHP TGRPS in the Low Country TSYS. The reason was that there are a couple or towers that use the same control channel and as it scanned that TSYS it would record a hit with a particular county in the Upstate on the Lowcountry TSYS.

Well I thought I would have to Go through my entire SCHP TGRP and find out which Troop used which Tac freq or talkaround channel and prune the TGRP list for each TSYS. This would be an ultimate hassel.

So, I listed out all the controls and alternates and took out the duplicates. I then set up 4 TSYS banks (again) and populated the freqs. I added all SCHP TGRPS to all of the TSYS Objects. I figure that when I encounter a county that uses the P800 system, I can look up the CC's of that county site and corelate that with the CC in one of my lists and assign that TGRP to that list.

I figured this would be less of a hassel than pruning the SCHP TGRP.

Just one way I skinned this cat. I'm going to use it for a couple or days and see how I like it. Maybe I will just bite the bullet and prune my SCHP TGRPS.
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Feb 9, 2001
Greenville, SC
I PGM'ed the older PRO-96 for a trip from Grnvl to the coast. I PGM'ed controllers along the interstate and all SCHP ID's in the same bank. I listed text for each ID for dispatch location and "HWY PATROL ##" for the freqs with the #'s being the # of the tower site. It worked perfect. I put other coastal systems in other banks. One thing to remember is that the text for the controller must match the service of the ID tags. SO if the freqs were just for SLED then the freq text would be SLED and ID's would be "Statewide Roam" or whatever. You have to double think each item programmed. Fun aint it.?? Pal 800 seperates the men from the boys. Good Luck
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